Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are a crucial part of every plumbing system inside your home. As hot water is needed for essential day-to-day use, It is critical that you have a well working, energy efficient hot water system in your home.

The two types of hot water systems installed are:

  • Low pressure ( open vented )
  • Mains pressure ( valve vented )

If the hot water pressure in your home is low, upgrading to a mains pressure system is the best way to increase your hot water pressure. Our service will go through the options with you to best suit your home. Firstly, we will choose the right size cylinder. This is calculated by how many people live in the house, so the cylinder can keep up with the demand of hot water being used. Then the installation work that is involved requires removing the original cylinder and pipework. Once this is removed we can then install the new mains pressure cylinder with a valve pack, seismic restraint kit and pipework to suit. Drip trays are also recommended which is an additional fail safe if there ever was a leak to occur. Prices for this range from $2000- $2600 depending on materials needed and accessibility.

If the hot water cylinder in your home has unfortunately started leaking, you can choose to either upgrade your system or replace the cylinder 'like for like' which is  usually the easiest and cheapest option. Replacing 'like for like' requires finding an exact match with the original cylinder. We can then remove the leaking cylinder and replace it keeping all original valves and pipework in place.

At Portside Plumbing, we want to install the best quality of cylinders, valves and materials to ensure that your cylinder lives to its maximum potential. So, we recommend installing the Rinnai mains pressure cylinder which is made from a high grade duplex stainless steel ensuring a long life span for your hot water system. 

Portside Plumbing can help provide all information you need regarding any of your hot water cylinder queries. Weather you are looking to upgrade, or you have had the misfortune of a leaking hot water cylinder and are in need of a hot water cylinder replacement. Our emergency plumbing service can ensure you do not go a night without hot water.

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