How to fix a dripping tap

How to fix a dripping tap

Tap seals, washers and O-ring's over time eventually wear out from years of use or in some cases from not being used at all. This unfortunately causes our taps to drip. Thankfully most of the sanitary tapware in our homes are all completely serviceable giving you the option to either upgrade or keep your old faithful tap.

Modern single lever mixing taps have a special cartridge inside the tap body which over time, the internal seals can perish. It is best practice to replace the cartridge itself. This will firstly involve sourcing the right make of cartridge to suit the tap. The process involved to replace the cartridge is isolating the water supply, removing the handle and shroud off the tap and then replacing the old cartridge with the new. 

For our more traditional taps, the mechanism is a lot simpler but a little more time consuming when servicing. An internal spindle screws up and down when the handle is turned. This opens and closes a Jumper washer against a brass seat, which when closed stops any water from flowing. If this seal is obstructed in any way, water will pass. An O-ring is located on the spindle and its job is to prevent water escaping out from the top when the spindle being turned. If you see water escaping from around the handle, this is a sign the O-ring has worn.

So, if your tap is dripping the O-ring and Jumper washer will need replacing. Servicing these  taps also requires "re-seating" the tap with a reseating tool. This ensures that there is a smooth surface for the Jumper washer to nicely seal against. 

Portside Plumbing provide reliable and efficient servicing on all tapware and ensure there are no more drips in your home! So give us a call today.